Final Exam


This course was much different than many other courses I have previously taken. Although, it was so different I think it was different in a beneficial way. I liked that this class was more hands on and allowed us to be creative. Whether it was having guest teachers coming in teaching us how to use photoshop, or give us a better understanding of google analytics. We were learning skills and how to do things that weren’t just something we needed to know for the class, but also for our career field as well. Even though I thought that the certifications were difficult or boring at times, I am appreciative that we were required to do them. I learned about the importance of creating a brand for myself and being different and the importance of completing things that will set me out from the crowd. I liked that we weren’t really given much direction, even though for a college student that is a very stressful thing. It allowed us to be creative and be our own individual with our unique ideas. Rather than just sitting looking at a rubric trying to follow so closely to what exactly the professor wanted. I guess all in all I really enjoyed this course because it was more of a workshop, and allowed for our own creative and learning skills that will benefit us now and in the future.


















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As a person that actually works in the call center which ask for contributions to the Grand Valley Foundation, I know how important it is to give back to the university. I think it’s so amazing to see that the amount of money our endowment funds contains has almost doubled in the last 10 years. Grand Valley is a university that has many passionate alumni. This is very clearly shown by the gifts and donations that people make to the Grand Valley Foundation that help to make our school grow and flourish and years continue.

Now onto the Group Fun!


My group was Whitnie Keyworth, Taylor Jutila, and Gilly Jones.

The meaning behind our logo is that we are all young women working to achieve a degree in Public Relations, hence the Women in Pr. The reason we chose the image in the background is because that was a sculpture that we all thought had a super important meaning to us all.

Don’t forget to see what we did along the way!

Where’s our favorite place on Campus? 

image1The piece of artwork I chose to focus on is the Heaven and Earth Sculpture located between the lake halls. I’ve always enjoyed looking at this sculpture because it makes me think of the struggle we are facing as college students having so much going on all at one time, through school and working crappy minimum wage jobs to make ends meet. To then graduating and achieving the goal we have worked so hard for as we reach this peek of the sculpture. The first improvement I made to this photo was editing the exposure as well as the brightness, contrast, and exposure. I then blurred the background to create more of a focus on the sculpture itself. Lastly, I added the name of the sculpture to the photo.

The Transformational Link, located on the stretch of the lake halls. This is an icon known for the tale that if you want from finished to unfinished the student will fail their final exams until they have finished their college career.
The Heaven and Earth Sculpture, is also located by the lake halls this sculpture is used as a metaphor here on campus that being, how students are desperately trying to climb their way out of the depths of their miserable minimum wage job and into a position a bit higher up in the clouds.
clocktowerphotoshopped (1)
The Clock Tower is located in the middle of campus the bricks from the clock tower were actually sold and then we were able to being the creation of Grand Valley.
Marching Band
The GVSU marching band is actually made of recycled pieces of scrape metal located near the library.
Quidditching Meme
Hadouken Meme
Vadering Meme

I think memes are important to both internet and social culture because they are a way for a large amount of people to all bond and laugh over an image or video. It’s a way to share something that can make people laugh and make jokes and that people from all over the world relate and bond over. I think it’s a great way to create a connection amongst people. My favorite meme is “New York” on a Bed meme. I love this meme so much because I think it really can apply to your life in many situations. For example, when someone’s going on a rant and you’re just sitting waiting for them to stop rambling. When the clock hits the 50 mark, but the professor keeps teaching. When your forced to leave the house and go somewhere with people you don’t like. Or if you go out and happy hour ends at 7 and it’s 7:01. This meme just is relatable to so many situations. This meme came from a girl named Tiffany Pollard, who was part of a show called Flavor of Love. This meme is used to illustrate the feeling of impatience or irritation of a situation.

New York

Ending with a great meme representing me relaxing in bed after finishing this exam!

The importance of collaboration

We experience collaboration more than I think we truly realize. Whether it’s in the classroom, a job, or simply hanging out with friends. In some way we are all collaborating on something. We usually associate collaboration with working together in groups, or in our workplace. The world of business, especially PR is surrounded by the constant collaboration of people working together.

The biggest part that people will tell you about entering the world of Public Relations is the importance of connections. You should go to many events and meet people who are doing the same things as you. This field is based on the relationships you make with people and connecting with them. Public Relations is all about building relationships and connecting with people. With connecting with people comes the aspect of sharing ideas, opinions, and what works for them. Whether these connections are made through brand deals, social gatherings, the work place, or really anywhere. Yet again, collaboration. No matter the interaction you have with someone, whether it is casual or a formal encounter each situation some aspect of collaboration is taking place.

Public Relations and collaboration go hand in hand the world of Public Relations would not be successful if it weren’t for this. Pubic Relations focus a lot of working with other brands and creating brand awareness. For this to be possible, it requires a strong team effort. You use collaboration through creating goals and how to achieve these goals. It is also important for the act of brainstorming and how to best continue to progress or change what your’e doing to create more success. Also to create an understanding of measurements and numbers of successes, and to work on individual success for everyone moving forward or for next upcoming campaigns. People all specialize in different things, without their input and working with other people on the team and explaining to them what is going on a large chunk of information would go unknown/ understood.

In order for the world of communications to work, “the need for collaboration and integration across marketing communications functions and with other strategic groups and units within your organization and beyond.” This need for quick solutions and completely expectations forced everyone to work closely together to get the goal achieved. If it weren’t for collaboration there would be complete chaos within the company or organization. “Through cross department and geographic collaborations and the inward and outward alignment representing one company and one purpose to the world, organizations can achieve needed cost efficiencies, manage transparency, move faster, be more agile competitively and minimize the risks that result from a lack of alignment.” A collaboration between the client and their Public Relations agent is also very important. You’re working to help them with their company or organizations and the success that you both wish to see happen. Whether it is new ideas for the brand, a new campaign ad, or even just the trust and bond between the client and agent. As a PR you have the fate or their company in your hands, their success, and reputation lie within you and your actions.

“Collaboration is the key to making the most out of your work with a PR agent.”

“Good PR comes from a PR agent. Great PR comes from agent-client collaboration.”