Make it better

As I ponder on my last few months, my eyes and perspective on the life I have been living have been altered.

I’ve lost sight of the girl I’d hope I’d become. A women full of passion, ambition, life, and being surrounded by people with that same lifestyle.

When I look at the people I’ve given space and a piece into my life within these last months I realize…I’m selling my self short.

In what aspects you may ask…

I am a very caring person and will do most anything for those around me. Can you do this favor? Can you drive me here? I won’t say no. I’m afraid to hurt people to not be the best version of myself for them. People take advantage. Not everyone is worth a chance it’s okay to say no I’m not interested. Be picky. Be choosy. You know what you aspire to have, so why do I continue to waste my time on things I know aren’t worth it.

But what do I owe them that I feel a need to do that so strongly.

This is my life the life I made to prosper, succeed, and be the best I can.

I lost sight of this and it’s time to reclaim that. Regain my self love. Remember my self worth. Bring more positivity and productivity into my everyday.

I deserve the best and that’s what I am demanding I bring for myself.

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