A Little Life Update

It’s been a little while since I posted on here. So, I thought how about time to come and post for you guys again, well the few that do read. As my previous posts have been focused on classes where switching to a new route of new content. My blog will still provide things I have created for class, but also more about my life and sharing how I went about situations.

I finally made it through another year of college. This one was a struggle I ought to let you all know. The classes were harder and the free time was so minimal. I finally got into classes that focused around my degree which as to be expected I excelled in. I created two campaign books this semester one for my Advertising class and one for my Public Relations class as well. My PR class we worked with a store affiliated with Grand Valley, the GVSU Surplus Store. This store worked with sustainability, but was in need of a ton of work with a small budget. This was also the first plans book I had to construct completely on my own, but the ideas were constantly flowing. I received a 93% on this campaign, which for my first time was pretty impressive. My advertising class worked with a nation wide company Matrix Entertainment, this company does just about everything. My group was assigned to their Save a Life Tour, which is a safe driving educational program that teaches on drunk and distracted driving. This project was fun, but required a lot more thinking. We worked in a group and presented our See it, don’t be it campaign. The company loved it, and let us know that all our ideas will be implemented within the next 6 months. Which is super exciting! They have already put to use own main image on both their Facebook page and their new website that is specifically designed for the Save a Life Tour. Not only did the company love it, but my teacher as well as she wises to submit to the Superior Awards this coming March.

I’m telling y’all that big things are coming for me!

After next year I will have finished all the classes for my major as well as my required internships! I plan to start going to seminars from the Judson Group to learn more about things that will benefit me in the future. I also am planning to attend an educational seminar for GROW (Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women), this non-profit helps minority women within the business world that can’t afford to take out loans to support their business. Women can come in at all stages whether that be new, established, or big business. If you didn’t know this is my dream job to work for this non-profit at some point in my life. This summer I also want to begin the construction of my book I plan to publish called “The Girl Beyond You”, this book is something I’ve wanted to write since I was young. This book will focus on my self- love journey from the time I was a kid to where I am now. It’s always been a dream of mine and since I’m already bossing up this year might as well start this.

This academic year has taught me a lot. The first major thing was time management, with a heavy work load and starting working while attending school time became more scarce. It was important to me that I was doing the best I could and keeping my stress levels low, as this was a major problem that occurred to me during each semester. The next thing I learned was that it’s okay to be alone. After living a toxic relationship about a year ago, you have to regain that sense of self love. I don’t only mean this is terms of relationships, but in friendships as well. With me and my best friend having differing schedules I spent much time alone. During the time it sucks, but looking back it was good for me I needed this time. I truly value the time I have on my own. I won’t even lie my favorite thing to do is just sit in bed on my phone and be alone. I needed to relearn to value myself and appreciate me and be okay being alone.

This summer will lead to more growth, and you guys will follow me on that journey.

One thought on “A Little Life Update

  1. I’m so happy to have met you on your educational journey. You are truly brilliant and one of my best friends. I am hoping after this once in a lifetime college experience that we will learn so much from each other and continue to be amazing friends, both personally and professionally. After knowing you for about two years, you definitely have big things coming up for you and I couldn’t be more proud to see you excel academically and professionally. I’m definitely tuning in to see what content appears here specifically because you have a voice that needs to be heard in our world today. Keep up the good work, and let’s start this podcast soon. — Bren

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