The World of Design

The world of Advertising and Public Relations is completely surrounded by design. Every aspect of what we do involves some sort of design. For example what were doing in class, creating a magazine article, you have to figure out how you want your layout to be, what font you want to use how big it should be what color it should be. Then you have to choose the images you wish to use and where you should place them thought out the article.

When you think of Public Relations you don’t really think about the design aspect of what you are doing. A large part of the work done through Public Relations take place on digital channels that are focused on design. When trying to make your post stand out and be different than just the average posting, the use of visuals and the way you design your post are what will make you different. Kim Bode actually made a post on her blog about creativity and the world of Public Relations where she says, “Telling a story through language remains necessary, but on many platforms it takes more than that to stand out. Visuals allows us to tell that same story in a glance and give us the opportunity to leverage mediums that weren’t as accessible traditionally.” Design also gives us a way to show what your brand is about and what you are capable of rather than just telling people about it. People want to see the content, not just take your word on it.

The goal in Public Relations is to make a brand that is visible, easily accessible for the public, and eye catching. All three of these things go hand in hand with the design of the product or company because that is what the public will see and recognize as part of a campaign.” So essentially, what is going to make you a better company and make you stand out against the rest is having a better design plan and layout. The type of design your brand has also gives off an impression of the company. Whether that is serious, trustworthy. Design also helps to attract the groups that the company aims to attract such as children, families, professionals, or both. The type of design that the company or organization that you choose to work worth chooses to use creates a self identity for them.

When having a job in Advertising and Public Relations you are told to do tasks as in any job, but what I think we fail to realize or truly recognize is they’re all surrounded by design. Like creating a website or making changes to social media platforms, or even the content you are posting. Especially images getting the right angles, color, theme, along with editing,and the use of Photoshop, and other programs like it. Learning about design helps you to know how many images to use, what sizes to make them, where to locate them on the page to receive the most attention. Public Relations is more focused on writing and creating the content so when talking about Public Relations people forget that design is still included. Advertising although is all about the aspect of design, since your main focus is the advertisement that is being created and how you want to go about making it look or what your client asks of you to create. Knowing the importance of design and the role it plays in advertising and public relations is important. Being well educated on how to effectively make use of design and programs that help with the design process can set you ahead of others when asked to complete tasks and allow you to stand out with your skills.

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