Could I survive?

Wake up. Click scroll double tap like share retweet tap click again. From the second I wake up in the morning, the world of social media begins to take control of my daily life yet again. I don’t think I could go three hours without checking any platform of social media. I guess you can say I’m pretty addicted, as I believe most of us are. Looking at content of social media takes up a large part of my day. So I ask myself, how does social media impact my daily life? My constant use of social media plays the biggest role in how I stay connected to the people, see what’s going on in the world, along with give me new ideas to think about.

Social media plays a huge part in how I stay connected and engaged with the people I know. Moving to a city that is three hours away from my home town, it is very difficult to stay up to date on what is going on in the lives of the people I know from back home. Whether it’s people I was actually friends with, or other people I’m just nosy as to what is happening in their lives. Keeping up with family in other states and even countries, just being able to have that interaction and maintain a close relationship would be much more difficult without social media. Not only social media allow me to keep in connect with people already in my life, it also has brought many new friends into my life. Social media is a great for networking. I have built so many great relationships with people from all different places. If it weren’t for the creation of social media the chances of this happening would most likely not have taken place.

Social media also keeps me up to date about what is going on in the world around me. I mean I guess I could read a newspaper or watch the news, but I feel like that is a more old fashion way of finding out about things. When your life is constantly consumed by social media and being on your phone it’s a more convenient way. I think social media makes it more difficult to ignore things that are taking place throughout the world, because if it is a major thing it blows up that there’s no way to escape it so therefore you are forced to read about it. One of the events that comes to mind is the recent events of Demi Lavoto’s drug overdose along with Mac Miller’s death, which was also due to overdose. There was no way you were going to miss these tragic events. I really notice on Twitter the interaction of people and their opinions of these awful events. Everyone has something to different to say, and I personally think it’s interesting to hear these different viewpoints. Although many people sound absolutely stupid and make me mad about their uneducated thoughts, I still think social media is such a great tool for finding out about things going on, especially in politics. Everyone has something to say and social media is usually where they go to do it.

Social media also helps me to get creative and give me new ideas or things to try. You need decoration ideas for your room or new apartment, there’s an app for it or a hashtag. You need restaurant recommendations, you simply make a recommendation post on Facebook or download Yelp.  If you need advice on a certain thing going on in your life or something you want to do, all you do is make a post and people begin to interact and provide you with suggestions. Social media gives us access to all the things in life we could need or want. Social media is present in ever second of my life.

So to answer my question to myself. Could I survive without social media?


When did I reach this point of reliance of social media? I really think this was something that just happened. Growing up in the prime time of technological advances, technology was constantly evolving and we were forced to stay up to date. It began with Ipods, then new Iphones and continued to update as years went on. Then social media began to expand with new social media platforms. Starting with Myspace in 2003, and later on Facebook in 2005, after this in 2010-2011 Snapchat and Instagram. During this time I was going into junior high and they were the biggest fads, and if you weren’t apart of this then you weren’t “cool.” I never remember a time where I wasn’t relying on social media, but I think social media is extraordinary invention that I am very thankful for.


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