Jobs in Advertising and Public Relations

This is an assignment for CAP 105 where I am asked to find potentional jobs and how to improve my qualifications.

Social Media Manager

Shepherd’s Technologies

  • 3+ years in marketing, public relations, corporate communications
  • Possess knowledge and experience in tenets of traditional marketing.
  • Sourcing and managing content development and publishing
  • Depth and knowledge of social media platforms

To fit the requirement of this job I fall short in multiple aspects. The first being three years of experience, since I am only a sophomore and have yet to receive my degree the possibility of me at this point to have gained three years of experience is very difficult. Although, it is very possible to achieve this requirement within a few year. As for the other requirements, this also can be achieved with more job/intern experience within the field.

Digital Content Manager

Davenport University

  • BS or BA in Public Relations, Communication, or Marketing
  • Experience using content management systems (Drupal)

For this job I fall short of having the degree, but within the next three years this problem will be changed. Also for having experience in using management systems such as Drupal is something I can easily teach myself how to use.

Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

  • Bachelor degree in  Public Relations, Communication, or Marketing
  • 2+ years experience in media, public relations, or marketing
  • 2+ years of social media experience
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office

This job I fall short of having the degree and experience. As stated before I will have the degree within a few years, and through internships I can gain experience of social media, and public relation experience.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Scott Group Studio

  • Bachelor degree
  • 7+ years digital marketing experience
  • Experience in SEO, PPC, and email marketing
  • Knowledge of Word Press platform

I fall short of a degree and of digital marketing experience, with much time after graduation I will be able to fulfill these requirements. As for experience in SEO, PPC these are programs I can become knowledgeable on.

PR assistant account executive

3rd Coast PR

  • Bachelor degree in Public Relations or Communications
  • Intern experience in agency communication
  • Experience with media and list building tools
  • Knowledge of Adobe Design
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office

For this job I fall short of the degree and intern experience. I also lack knowledge of Adobe design. I can gain qualifications for these jobs by having an internship in the agency of communication, become familiar with Adobe. I then plan to graduate with a degree in PR.

PR and Marketing Coordinator at Luxury Fashion Brand

The Natori Company

  • College Degree
  • Substantial fashion marketing, digital marketing, and public relations experience
  • Knowledge of fashion PR business
  • Highly Proficient Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe Photoshop

To fit the requirements of this job I fall short of the college degree along with experience in each other the required categories. I also do not have very much knowledge on fashion PR business. With time and internships I will be able to achieve all of these goals, also with educating myself more on the world of PR in a fashion aspect.

Marketing and Communications Specialist, PR and Media Relations


  • Communication profession with at least 3+ years of experience
  • Bachelor degree in Communication. Public Relations, English, or Marketing Communications
  • Writing experience in communications, marketing, or public relations experience.
  • Superior Microsoft skills

To fulfill these requirement I fall short of the degree, experience in both writing and within the communication profession. With receiving a degree and gaining experience through internships along with college courses, I can easily gain the skills to fit these requirements.

Digital Brand Manager 

Nuspire Corporation

  • Bachelor degree
  • Managed Security or IT experience (preferred)
  • 5-10 years of marketing experience related to digital content
  • 2-3 B2B technology company experience
  • SEO proven experience

For this job I fall short of all the requirements. I can change this by gaining experience when I begin in the workforce of my career once I receive my degree.

Nike Sports Brand Director

NIKE inc.

  • 8+ years of work experience in brand marketing
  • Digital and Community marketing knowledge
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, and Keynotes
  • Bachelors degree in marketing, communications, or business

In order to be qualified for this job I need to gain job experience, a degree, and knowledge of digital and community marketing knowledge. With time I will gain experience through jobs and internships. Within a few years I will gain a degree and before graduation I will gain knowledge of digital and community marketing through courses and educating myself through online sources.

Public Relations and Social Media Specialist 

Wright-Pratt Credit Union

  • Bachelor degree in communication, public relations, or social media
  • 5 years relevant industry expereince
  • Microsoft office

For this job I fall short of a Bachelors degree and industry experience. After I receive my degree I will fulfill that require.  A few years later I will also meet the requirement of 5 years of industry experience.


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